Manvert Foliplus – 20 Years of Excellent Results

Technological advances have fundamentally changed how we live, interact and the quality of our lives, for better or worse. In the past 20 years, Google has changed how we research (no more trips to the library), smartphones have revolutionised our daily interactions (who still calls and sends an sms?) and GPS applications on our phones have ensured that we never get lost (no more stopping to ask for direction). It seems near impossible to imagine our lives without these advancements, even if they’ve only been around for a mere 20 years or so.

But 20 years ago, another product came into existence that has forever changed the way producers all over the world cultivate food and the future of food security. This year Manvert’s Foliplus celebrates 20 years of success as the flagship product of the Spanish Agri Technology company. Manvert has helped farmers in more than 30 countries to maximise crop yields and the quality of production using cost-effective and sustainable products such as Foliplus.

What is Manvert Foliplus?

Foliplus, a biostimulant suitable for organic farming, is formulated using four main ingredients: amino acids, reducing sugars, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and phyto-regulators of natural origin. The combination of these four essential elements in a high concentration enable plants to better sprout, flower, fruit set, handle stress and grow bigger and better during different phases of development.

Foliplus now incorporates Seavert tech ® technology

Recently Manvert has incorporated the proprietary Seavert tech® technology with its flagship product to make it even more effective. Seavert tech® applies differential pressure to distil high concentrations of active ingredients from algae without any chemical substances, heat, freezing or dehydration.

Excellent results

Foliplus’ results have been substantiated over the past 20 years through numerous field tests and client report backs. Manvert is proud to say that Foliplus sales continue to grow season after season among distributors and farmers as they see the results in the field and no longer contemplate a season without it.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • In South Africa a sunflower producer achieved a 250kg p/ha higher yield in comparison to his regular protocol.
  • While another SA producer found a 600kg p/ha yield increase in his maize crop after two treatments of Foliplus.
  • During a trial performed in Chile, the number of avocado pear sprouts multiplied by 1.7 and production increased with 30%.
  • During a trial performed in Saudi Arabia Foliplus was applied to potatoes. High vegetative growth was achieved, and production increased by 16%.
  • And in Peru a Foliplus trial using blueberries achieved an 11.6% increase in fruit set.

Application & Ecological Certifications

Manvert Foliplus is available in a liquid form in 1, 5 and 20-litre containers. It can be applied as a foliar or root application in the field and presents good miscibility and compatibility with most pesticide products commonly used. Foliplus and many other products in the Manvert range have ecological certifications from Germany (BCS), Switzerland (FiBL) and Spain (CAAE).

For more information on Foliplus, any other Manvert product or to become a stockist, please contact DNA Science today. DNA Science is the proud distributor of the Manvert range in South Africa.


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