Demo Trial with Manvert Silikon & Foliplus on Wheat

Behind the scenes at DNA Plant Science

If you’ve been following our posts and reading our articles, then you’ll know that the products we distribute have been put to the test both internationally and by our team. For a product to be registered and distributed in South Africa, it has to go through various lab and field tests on specific crops that we do ourselves. This article will give some feedback on a recent field test we did, using Manvert Foliplus and Manvert Silikon.


The objective was to determine the effect of Manvert Foliplus and Manvert Silikon as a foliar application on wheat. The intention of the product applications is to prevent lodging and stimulate the root development of the plants it was tested on. 

*Lodging is the horizontal displacement of a plant’s stem or root system from their vertical and ideal placement. This may be caused by various factors, but some include high levels of nitrogen, excessive soil moisture, high wind, soil density and densely planted crops1. Lodging can negatively affect the health and yield of a crop.

Method & Materials

The trial was conducted on two commercial test plots planted to wheat during the 2018/2019 season. Both plots were under irrigation and the same wheat cultivar was used during the trial. 


Foliar application of both Manvert Silikon and Foliplus was applied to the test plot. Manvert Silikon was applied to assist the plants against lodging, and Manvert Foliplus was applied to stimulate root development. The control plot received the standard practice treatment of applying a single growth regulator to manage lodging and increase root development.


A single foliar application of both Manvert Foliplus (500ml/ha) and Manvert Silikon (1l/ha) was applied to the test plot and a single dosage of growth regulator was applied to the control plot.

Results & Conclusion

After application the following was observed in the Manvert plot in comparison to the standard treatment plot:

  1. There were fewer instances of lodging.
  2. An increase of tillering*.
  3. Improved root stimulation.
  4. Visibly the plants appeared healthier and stronger.
  5. In regard to grading, we found that the Manvert treated plot received a B1 grading, where as the standard practice plot received a B2 grading, i.e. improved quality.

The standard practice was our closest competitor, however, the Manvert programme was more affordable per hectare which makes it the ideal programme for producers today based on results and cost per hectare.

*Tillering is the formation of side shoots and especially prominent in grass species. Tillering is encouraged as it improves crop yield once the plants are ready for harvesting.

The Science Behind Manvert

Manvert applies Nanovert tech® to its formulations which means they are able to obtain nanoparticles and thereby higher concentrations of the active ingredient in a solution, better coverage upon application and improved absorption on the leaves. Ultimately this will lead to better results.

About The Products

Manvert Foliplus is a complete organic biostimulant that’s applied to crops and soil in order to improve fruit and vegetable growth and the quality of the crop yield. Foliplus contains amino acids, reducing sugars, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and natural plant hormones that provide a better start for the vegetative cycle, improves sprouting, flowering and fruit set, and therefore improves the weight and colour of the fruit and the sugar content.

Manvert Silikon is a silicon-based product that helps plants overcome hydric stress while increasing productivity and the quality of agricultural crops during periods of extreme environmental stress. During periods of too much water, the silicon particles absorb the surrounding water, drying the surface and reducing the water available for fungal growth. When the plant experiences water stress, a reversible reaction occurs where the silicon releases the retained water, making it again available for the plant as needed. The nano-silicon particles also reduce transpiration thereby improving the water efficiency of the plant.

Want to give your crops the best? Then be sure to contact DNA Plant Science today to learn more about our Manvert range of products and how they can help you this coming season.


  1. Lodging: Significance and preventive measures for increasing crop production. International Journal of Chemical Studies. Dahiya, Seema & Kumar, Sandeep & Chaudhary, Charul. (2018).


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