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Manvert Sulphos

A biostimulant formulated with sulphur, favouring vegetative plant growth and strengthening plants against stress conditions.
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Manvert Fruitsetter

A biostimulant formulated with molybdenum, free amino acids, nitrogen and phosphorous assisting in flowering and fruit set.
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Manvert Stimulant Plus

An organic biostimulant with high free amino acid content (24% w/w) and low molecular weight peptides, assisting plants in overcoming periods of stress and enhancing vegetative growth.
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Manvert Silikon

Manvert Silikon is formulated with nano-silicon particles, which protect plants against drought, high temperatures and frost. It further reduces water loss of fruit and vegetables thereby improving quality and post-harvest life.
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Manvert Rooting

A product specifically formulated with complexed micro-nutrients, polysaccharides and other substances which enhance the formation and development of plant root systems, ensuring a better start to the vegetative cycle.
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Manvert Foliplus

Complete organic biostimulant due to the synergy of action provided by the four main ingredients: amino acids + reducing sugars + seaweed extract + natural plant hormones.