Manvert Silikon

Manvert Silikon

Manvert Silikon is made from silicon, whose effectiveness is enhanced under conditions of water stress as well as high temperatures and frost as it improves the management of available water by the crop and reduces transpiration.  Furthermore, it
increases the rigidity of plant- and fruit tissues, thus reducing crop lodging in cereals and improving the pulp resistance in fruit and vegetables, which improves post-harvest
life. Certified organic by CAAE, according to EU and NOP input regulations.

The effect of a combination of Manvert products to increase yield in onions.

The effect of a combination of Manvert Foliplus, Manvert Silikon and Manvert Stimulant Plus on the yield of barley.

The effect of Manvert Foliplus and Manvert Silikon to increase drought stress tolerance of maize.

The effect of a combination of Manvert Products on the yield of Royal Gala apples.