Manvert Rooting – Achieve your crop’s full yield potential

Manvert Rooting – Achieve your crop’s full yield potential.

 What is visible above ground in your plants is determined by what is hidden under ground.

Healthy roots perform various essential, life sustaining services necessary for vigorous plant growth. Roots can be seen as the lifeline of the plant, responsible for taking up air, water and nutrients from the soil and translocating these to the leaves, where they can react with sunlight to produce sugars and starch required by the plant to produce energy.

Once a seed has germinated, root formation will start. A large amount of energy is invested into root development. A main or a tap root will first start to develop with the aim to anchor the plant and supply the plant with water and nutrients. Finer, secondary or lateral roots are formed next. These roots are extremely important since they contribute to anchoring the plant more securely, increasing water uptake and further facilitating the uptake of nutrients required for the growth and development of the plant. Furthermore, lateral roots also increase the surface area of a plant’s root system. It is thus of utmost importance to stimulate the production and growth of these lateral roots in order to ensure that crops reach their full yield potential.

Manvert Rooting can be applied as either a seed treatment or as an in-furrow treatment and is specifically formulated to achieve the following:

  • Stimulate root development
  • Promote lateral root formation
  • Assist in root system recovery after nematode attacks
  • Decrease seedling and plant cutting transplant shock


In a recent independently conducted trial, Manvert Rooting delivered excellent results against various competitor products.

Manvert Rooting was applied as an in-furrow application and the average yield was evaluated as an efficacy parameter.

From these results it can be concluded that Manvert Rooting was the most effective root treatment, compared to the control and the other competitor products. Manvert Rooting increased the average yield by 720 kg/ha. This increase in yield can be ascribed to the plants having larger and more efficient root systems. More nutrients and water were thus able to be absorbed by the plants who were treated with Manvert Rooting.

The ROI calculation showed that for every R1 invested in applying Manvert Rooting, R15 is returned.

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