Manvert Manganese – Glyphosate induced manganese deficiencies.

Although glyphosate is one of the most extensively used herbicides in the history of agriculture, this compound can have extensive non-target effects on nutrient availability. Through its active chelation of elements in the soil, vital physiological functions are inhibited due to a reduction in nutrient availability.

Glyphosate resistance in maize and soybeans reduce the efficiency of manganese (Mn) uptake and physiological efficiency by between 10-50%. Other physiological effects of glyphosate resistance include a reduction in the uptake and translocation of iron and potassium, reduced root nodulation and nitrogen fixation, drought stress and an in increase in diseases.

Glyphosate tolerant or Roundup Ready crops require almost 50% more Mn to reach the same physiological effectiveness as their conventional counterparts.

From the above mentioned graph, it can be concluded that the addition of manganese to glyphosate application is beneficial to the yield of soybeans.

Manvert Manganese is formulated with Lignovert Tech, which enhances the uptake efficiency of manganese as well as the leaf coverage. This improves the bio-availability of manganese.

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