Grazer 800 WDG A New Registration to Assist Weed Management in Sugarcane Plantations

Sugarcane is a perennial grass that’s cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical areas which offers a favourable climate. In South Africa sugarcane is grown in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape provinces. According to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries1 the South African sugar industry is consistently ranked in the top 15 out of approximately 120 sugar producing countries worldwide and there are approximately 26,400 registered sugarcane growers in South Africa. SA continues to be one of the world’s most cost-competitive producers of high-quality sugar.

The Problem

In order to stay competitive and maximise crop production, plantations need to implement effective weed management strategies to protect sugarcane plantations. Weeds can reduce production from anything between 12 to 72%, depending on the severity of the infestation2. The nature of sugarcane plantations contributes to this high occurrence of weeds which offers a unique challenge from other crops. Sugarcane rows are wider which offers more space for weeds to grow, the initial growth period is slow and ample water and nutrition is usually available which creates a favourable environment for weeds to flourish. Sedges, grasses and broadleaf weeds are the main culprits when it comes to sugarcane plantations.

The Solution

Chemical programmes as part of an integrated weed management programme can help growers to control weeds and maximise yields. DNA Plant Science is proud to announce the registration of Grazer 800 WDG, a water dispersible granule herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds and certain annual grasses that pose a threat to sugarcane plantations. Grazer 800 WDG can be applied as a pre- or an early post-emergence herbicide to both plant and ratoon sugarcane.

The Promise

The products we choose to make available to farmers have been put to the test internationally and by our team. They’re highly specialised and the formulations are state of the art. For a product, such as Grazer 800 WDG, to be registered and distributed in South Africa, it has to go through various lab and field tests on specific crops that we do ourselves. We won’t register or distribute a product that we believe doesn’t hold up to our standards. The DNA Plant Science technical team is AVCASA qualified and registered with CropLife.


Use Grazer 800 WDG only as indicated and follow application directions exactly as indicated in order to prevent weed resistance or the death of desirable plants.

To learn more about Grazer 800 WDG or for any technical support, please contact DNA Plant Science today.




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