DNA Plant Science Introduces Manvert to South Africa/ DNA Plant Science Exclusive Distributor of Manvert Plant Nutrition

DNA Plant Science is proud to announce that Manvert plant nutrition products are now available in South Africa. Manvert is a leader in nutritional supplements for the agricultural market and will be exclusively distributed through DNA Plant Science, a division of Remitto. “We are excited to introduce Manvert to the South African market. DNA Plant Science is committed to supplying our customers with the best agricultural products available on the market today and we trust our customers will  see the difference these products make,” says Derek Alexander, managing director of DNA Plant Sciences.

“Manvert has spent many years researching and developing products for the various crops that South Africa produce. We believe we can help the agricultural industry to increase the yields and quality while improving their crops’ resistance to bad weather conditions using our products,” explains Juan Giménez, business manager for Manvert in Spain.

From the start, DNA Plant Science was Manvert’s first choice because of their earnest interest in the Spanish brand and their vision for the South African market.  “DNA Plant Science is the perfect Manvert distribution partner in South Africa,” says Giménez. “The company’s proactive approach, market innovation and brand development are exactly what we were looking for. We hope to grow alongside DNA Plant Science to bring new and innovative solutions to the South African agricultural sector.”

Manvert first started in 1988 with the single intent to develop, manufacture and investigate specialised nutritional supplements specifically for the agricultural market through foliar application. Today Manvert is considered a specialist in the field of vegetal nutrition and a leader in the development of biostimulants suitable for agricultural use.

Biostimulants along with genetic improvements and integrated disease management programmes play a determining role in the future of food security. Biostimulants may contain various organic and inorganic elements that assist crops during abiotic and biotic periods of stress. Biostimulants can also assist with flower setting, increase sugar content in fruit, promote sprouting, new leaf and root growth and extend the storage time of fruits and vegetables. Ultimately the goal is to maximise the value and quality of a producer’s crop.


Aside from its range of biostimulants, Manvert also manufactures deficiency correctors, adjuvants, water and soil conditioners, iron chelates and NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) supplements.


Manvert is constantly developing proprietary technology to apply to their own products.

Lignovert Tech

Lignovert tech Technology allows formulations to contain high concentrations of complex elements that still maintain a balanced molecular weight. As a result absorption, distribution and permanence within the plant are improved and bio-availability is increased. At the same time, Lignovert tech decreases the surface tension of pulverised water and improves the distribution of product on the leaf surface and increasing product coverage over the leaf. This technology is available in Manvert’s micro and macro-element deficiency correctors for crops.

Nanovert Tech

Nanovert tech Technology permits the use of nanoparticles which allows for a higher concentration of active ingredient in a solution, greater coverage and increased infiltration on the leaves.

Environmental Responsibility

Manvert realises the responsibility they have as a company to respect the environment and manufacture products that support sustainable agricultural practices. They’ve developed a portfolio of products intended for organic farming with CAAE organic certification. This ecological line includes organic products in all Manvert product families, thereby ensuring that they provide a solution to all organic farming needs.

For more information on Manvert’s plant nutrition products or to become a stockist please contact Janneman Kotze, business unit manager: Manvert at 083 396 4574. Farmers are also welcome to inquire about Manvert products from their local agricultural supplier.


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