DNA Plant Science becomes Exclusive Distributor of Rotam CropSciences

DNA Plant Science is proud to announce that Rotam CropSciences products are now available in South Africa. Rotam CropSciences is a recognised international manufacturer and distributor of agrochemicals. With this new partnership, DNA Plant Science will be the exclusive distributor of Rotam CropSciences’ products in South Africa.

“Rotam CropSciences is globally acknowledged for their research, formulation, high-quality products and efficiency. We are motivated to provide our clients with the best international products available that offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in order to compete with global agricultural markets while supporting food sustainability at home,” says Derek Alexander, managing director of DNA Plant Sciences.

Rotam CropSciences is a global company with manufacturing bases in both China and Taiwan where all synthesis, formulation and product development operations are conducted. This allows them to link competitive locations for production in terms of raw materials and industrial infrastructure, with industry leading-production technology and high-quality standards. As a result, the South African agricultural crop producing sector will have better access to the latest technology at more competitive prices. The company also adheres to the highest environmental standards and is constantly at the forefront of research and development of efficient and crop safe products.


Crop Protection

Rotam provides a wide portfolio of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides that offer crop protection and adheres to the most stringent criteria as set by leading national companies.

Plant Nutrition

Their Plant Nutrition products focus on providing crops with enough mineral elements, to make them more resilient and improve their nutritional value and yield. They offer slow, controlled-release-products, organic and inorganic nutrient products and micronutrient products that will ensure maximum agronomic efficiency.

Plant Growth Regulator

The Plant Growth Regulators range was developed to assist farmers with the physiological processes such as control and regulation of germination, and growth and metabolism increase.

Seed Treatments

Rotam has developed seed treatments to further assist producers with crop protection. Their state-of-the-art formulations will offer alternative Seed Treatment solutions mainly composed of insecticides to express the full value of maize, sugar cane and different annual crops seeds.

For more information on Rotam CropSciences’ products or to become a stockist please contact 056 212 1273 or e-mail info@dnaplantscience.co.za. Farmers are also welcome to inquire about Rotam CropSciences’ products from their local agricultural supplier.


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