Diving Deep Into the Science of Manvert Foliplus

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. Scientists estimate that 91% of ocean species have yet to be classified and that 95% of the ocean remains unexplored1. That’s a lot of territory that remains unknown. But one thing we do know is that weeds on land and weeds in the ocean are not the same thing. Seaweed is rich in fibre, vitamins, sugars, amino acids and minerals, among many other things. Seaweed and its extracts are a sought after ingredient in many pricey skincare ranges and even suggested as part of a healthy diet. Though in this article we don’t recommend eating or applying it to your skin, just to your crops.

We’re diving into the technology of Manvert’s Foliplus and what makes it even better now that Seavert tech® technology is incorporated into the company’s flagship product.

What is Seavert® tech technology?

Manvert Foliplus now integrates Seavert tech®. Thanks to the cold extraction of seaweed through differential pressure, higher concentrations of active ingredients are obtained without using any chemical solvents, heat, freezing or dehydration. Cold extraction is a much simpler process that increases the quality and preservation of the active ingredients’ properties. The fundamental active ingredients derived from the brown seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), are mannitol, alginic acid and fucoidan.

Mannitol is a sugar alcohol and considered an osmoprotectant. Studies2 have found that higher plants that metabolise mannitol have an increased tolerance to salt- and osmotic-stress (read abiotic stress) and it may also improve a plants’ resistance to pathogen attacks.

Fucoidan and alginic acid are polysaccharides. These two are considered plant elicitors, meaning they trigger (or elicit) the plant’s natural defence responses by acting as a type of vaccine. Plants interact with the environment through receptors that detect foreign molecules called elicitors that are derived from pathogens or other sources. These molecules bind to specific receptors and trigger a defence response in the plant3 that in turn strengthens the plant against biotic stressors.

All that and much more

Foliplus is suitable for organic farming and further incorporates amino acids, sugars, and folic acid. The combination of these ingredients in a high concentration complements the application of mineral elements and fertilisers to crops.

Amino acids play a fundamental role in plant processes and are necessary elements in plant production. Among these actions that amino acids fulfil are stress reduction, serving as a source of nitrogen and signalling hormones, improving nutrient uptake and plant productivity4Sugars are a source of energy for all living things, including plants, and are necessary for all biological functions. Reducing sugars are mono- or disaccharide that can donate electrons to other molecules and can, therefore, act as a reducing agent. This creates a flow of energy that improves plant production, aids abiotic stress and may also act as signal molecules interacting with the hormonal signalling network regulating the plant immune system. Some sugars may also act as priming agents inducing higher plant resistance to pathogens5Folic acid is a phyto-regulator and essential in healthy plant growth. It enables plants to regulate their DNA functions and stimulates healthy cell division for vigorous plant growth.

Application & Ecological Certifications

Manvert Foliplus is available in a liquid form in 1, 5 and 20-litre containers. It can be applied as a foliar or soil (root) application during the beginning stages of sprouting, full flowering and fruit development. Applications during these stages have shown to have the most positive effects and Foliplus presents good miscibility and compatibility with most pesticide and fertiliser products commonly used. Foliplus and many other products in the Manvert range have ecological certifications from Germany (BCS), Switzerland (FiBL) and Spain (CAAE).

For more information on Foliplus, any other Manvert products, please contact your nearest Remitto agent today. Remitto is a proud stockist of the Manvert range in South Africa.


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