A New Product to Assist with Bush Encroachment and Land Management

Bush encroachment is defined as the rapid expansion of bush and shrub species to the detriment of the herbaceous (grassy) layers in an area. Bush encroachment is a problem in many parts of Southern Africa. According to one study, bush encroachment affects the agricultural productivity and biodiversity of 10–20 million ha of South Africanland. It disrupts non-crop land, cattle, sheep and game farms as well as private and public nature reserves.

Why is it bad?

  • Creates land scarcity: Grazing and roaming animals are dependent on various types of veld grass. If the grass layers of a veld are disrupted it directly influences the available food for the animals. The land will not be able to sustain the animals and additional land will be needed.
  • Ecosystem disruption: This initial ecosystem upset will also affect the presence of smaller wild- and birdlife and have a ripple effect on smaller ecosystems.
  • Impacts underground water sources: The unmanaged shrubs and trees can deplete the underground water table.
  • Can impact local economies: If extremely dense bush encroachment occurs in private and public nature reserves or game farms, it affects game-viewing, bringing about fewer animal sightings and ultimately affects tourism.

Introducing Triumph 240 SL

DNA Plan Science recently and successfully registered Triumph 240 SL – a well-known herbicide used to chemically eliminate trees and shrubs that pose a threat or contribute to bush encroachment. The active ingredient in Triumph 240 SL is a systemic herbicide that is solely used to control deeply rooted woody plants. Aside from using this product to assist with bush encroachment, it can also be used to remove woody plants along fences, roads and power lines on farmland.


Follow application instructions as recommended on the product label. If Triumph 240 SL is applied as instructed, it is relatively non-toxic to earthworms and soil micro-organisms.

Always wear suitable protective gear when applying chemical products and take care to check weather conditions before application. Rain after application can affect the efficiency of the product and wind can cause drift and damage crops. 

If a grazing camp has been treated it is vital that all grazing is halted for a period as recommended by the technical advisor.

Our guarantee

DNA Plant Science is dedicated to bringing you the very best agri-chemicals from around the world that has been put to the test both internationally and by our team. For a product to be registered and distributed in South Africa, it has to go through various lab and field tests on specific crops that we do ourselves. We won’t register or distribute a product that we believe doesn’t hold up to our standards.

For more information on Triumph 240 SL and our other registered agri-chemicals, please contact DNA Plant Science today.


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