DNA Plant Science is an independent company specialising in registering unique products specifically for the South African agricultural sector. The company began as a result of our own desire to create product lines that were uniquely our own. We felt that there was a definite gap in the market to provide farmers with a complete range of products ranging from pesticides, herbicides and insecticides to bio-stimulants. This allows us to provide our clients with every product that they might need during a season in order to simplify the process and make their lives easier. Additionally, this enables us to offer farmers competitive prices and excellent customer service from the moment we meet.

Aside from our own registered products, DNA Plant Science additionally have exclusive rights and working agreements as the sole importer and distributor of product ranges from producers in China, Holland and Spain.

Our team is truly passionate about what we do and that is helping farmers to produce better crops. We do all the research and ask all the tough questions so our clients do not have to. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest research and products which aid farmers beyond just crop management. We have therefore introduced bio-stimulants which work together with genetic improvements and integrated disease management to promote food security. DNA employees are chosen because of their extensive technical knowledge and skills allowing us to assist our clients in every way possible. Every project we take on is focused on bringing innovation to the agricultural sector so that we can offer our clients the best and enable them to compete with international markets.

DNA Plant Science producers can rest assured knowing that we have done all the legwork enabling them to focus on what they do best; producing food for our nation. The products we promote to farmers have been put to the test both internationally and locally by our team. These products highly specialised and the formulations make use of the latest technologies available. For a product to be registered and distributed in South Africa, it has to go through various lab and field tests on specific crops which we do ourselves. We won’t register or distribute a product that does not hold up to our standards.

Aside from the rigorous testing that all our products undergo, we also offer our clients the necessary technical support from the moment we meet them until harvest time and we believe this sets us apart. Our technical team is AVCASA qualified and also in the process of being registered with CropLife. We know our products inside out but we also, and very importantly, have a good understanding of the challenges our clients face. We are also fortunate enough to receive the support, guidance and training from our international suppliers and the necessary statutory insurance with regards to product recommendations and efficiency.